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Start the year with a bang!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Fireworks - Start the New Year with a bang! by Michael Mariano

Fireworks display show - SM MOA, Philippines

Every year we always have the chance to start anew – a fresh year to work with. People look forward to the new stuff that they have acquired during the past holidays, others to new experiences that might await them at the start of the year. I on the other hand tend to reflect on the year past and what have i done photographically and as an artist. This photo shot a year back is one of the few decent fireworks shots that i have captured. I was working on a food menu shoot when a sudden burst of fireworks came out of the restaurant where i was shooting. Good thing we were on break that time and that gave my the chance to go out set my tripod quickly to capture this frame. The past year has been good and bad at the same time. It has been a challenging time on most levels and looking at this photo makes me look forward again to better opportunities and to continue the good practices. Starting a short and attainable list should help especially if you have a lot on your mind. (more…)

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First official post

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Season's Greetings 2010! by Michael Mariano

Queens, NY - Nativity Scene: St. Mary's Nativity Church

Happy Holidays to one and all!

Finally has been fully redesigned and is in its beta testing phases. Feel free to lounge around the site. Over the next few days/months, I’ll be updating my photography/multimedia portfolio sections. Also, the Visual Lab will be a repository of articles that is of interest in the areas of photography, design and other topics. For now i leave you with this image from the first blizzard of the winter season. Here’s to a blessed and fruitful holidays ahead!


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