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First official post

Season's Greetings 2010! by Michael Mariano

Queens, NY - Nativity Scene: St. Mary's Nativity Church

Happy Holidays to one and all!

Finally has been fully redesigned and is in its beta testing phases. Feel free to lounge around the site. Over the next few days/months, I’ll be updating my photography/multimedia portfolio sections. Also, the Visual Lab will be a repository of articles that is of interest in the areas of photography, design and other topics. For now i leave you with this image from the first blizzard of the winter season. Here’s to a blessed and fruitful holidays ahead!


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4 Responses to “First official post”

  1. leniman says:

    I know where this is, I know, I know!!! Nice shot!! sweet!!

    • Mike says:

      Yes and that photo is a product of wading in 8in. Snow while braving 40mph winds before attending church. 😀

  2. Bea says:

    Yay! Great first article. I hope you update this often, dude. Happy New Year!

  3. Michael Tabbada says:

    Hey Mike! Kamusta? Nice shot bro. I used to go to that church when I visited NYC. That was a few blocks away from where we stayed in Flushing back in summer 2006. There was a heat wave back then so it’s good to see the church covered with snow. If you happen to visit the bay area or especially Reno/Tahoe (where I live) let me know. We have a lot of good areas to shoot landscape and do star streaks. Good luck on your future projects.