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Bad weather photography: Snow – Cold Weather

The limbs that binds us by Michael Mariano

The limbs that binds us - Urban snow scene, Flushing NY

When bad weather occurs, photography can be a chore all the more so if it involves cold temperatures and snow.  The elements can be pretty harsh to humans but more importantly to your sensitive photography equipment. For one there is moisture which affects your camera lens. If you plan to go out make sure some lens cloth/wipes are at hand to remove the mist that usually builds up on your lens. Having ample emergency camera protection like a plastic zip-loc bag should come in handy to shield your camera from moisture and snow. Cold temperatures decrease the performance of batteries. Have a spare battery and place it close to your body to keep it warm until you need to use it. Better yet, if you don’t want to go out and  have a good view of the outside world from your place, use the windows to your advantage like i did. Put up the screen or open the window. If you can’t, try to move your camera as close to the window as possible to avoid any unnecessary reflections. With these simple tips whether you go out or stay-in, should help you out. Be on the look out for those photographic opportunities. Stay frosty and keep on shooting!

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3 Responses to “Bad weather photography: Snow – Cold Weather”

  1. Reynald Tan says:

    Nice 1 bro!

  2. skysenshi says:

    Super need something for the rainy weather. LOL. I just realized I needed to bring soft cloths for cleaning the lens because they get wet. Wah! And the reflections, hm. I should’ve thought of that. 😀 Thanks for the tips!