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Longing for warmer days

Tag along | Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY | by Michael Mariano

Tag along | Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Cold, chilly and harsh winters are a fact of life in the Northernmost part of the US. If you live in these areas and you try to look out your window, chances are you won’t see a scene like this anytime soon. For people who can afford, they go to warmer places like Florida or the Caribbean islands, these people are informally called “Snowbirds” enjoying what they can from these southern places.  But for the rest who are unfortunate enough, winter is still there slapping on their skin like cold hard whips. Groundhog day offers no respite as this year it seems that the Artic winds are bringing in more chilly weather and snow forecasts. This photo was taken at Coney island, Brooklyn during the annual mermaid parade celebration. For those who can’t afford to travel, may this photo offer a respite from the cold and bring you (at least in dreams,) warm memories.

When shooting events on warm and hot days:

  • Pack light, bring only basic necessities especially when you plan to dive into the crowd. Bring sunblock, or ample protection for your skin and photographic equipment. Hydration is essential, pack your refreshments because buying them off the street will cost you a good buck or two not to mention the hassle of elbowing it out with people.
  • Keep your eye open for photographic opportunities of interest like people who stand out, colorful costumes, changing weather so you won’t miss out on the action.
  • Best time to take photos are mornings or late afternoons as this avoids contact with the harsh sun and gives you the best light to shoot with. If you are shooting during noontime, take note that the sun can cast awful looking shadows on your intended subjects so the best way to counter this is use fill-flash or reflected light from a reflector.
  • If the event you are going to has a predicted time line and itinerary, it usually pays off to do your research on maps and schedules to be aware of possible photographic opportunities and route information.

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2 Responses to “Longing for warmer days”

  1. skysenshi says:

    I’m longing for warmer days too, and this is the Philippines! Yikes. It’s so coooold here now. It must be helluva lot colder there.

    More NY photos please! 😀 I wonder if there are festivals there. I need tips for festival shoots. 😀

    • Mike says:

      So i heard that the weather there is also cold. Coming from northeast China/Siberia Don’t worry summertime is just around the corner, it’s already February. There are festivals here like the Mermaid Parade Celebration in Coney Island and other various celebrations. Last year when i was in that parade, things was craaazzzy. The streets and alleyways were full to the brim. I’ll try to consolidate and post more festival /events pics on my next post. 😀