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Low-light photography: Basketball (NYK vs. PHI)

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

Gameday: New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia  76ers by Michael Mariano

Gameday: New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers by Michael Mariano

Shooting fast-moving subjects under low-light conditions has always been a challenge for photographers. It takes a certain combination of timing, skill and equipment to capture your favorite sport. Basketball games as a photo opportunity are no exception. Don’t get me wrong, i like basketball games. I usually like watching within the comforts of home in front of a TV guided by the expert voices of the commentators. It was a long time ago during the early 2000’s when i got the chance to cover a basketball game. The opportunity presented itself again when my uncle got some good seats for the New York Knicks (NYK) vs. Philadelphia 76’ers (PHI) ‘home at home’ game in Madison Square Garden (MSG). NYK got beaten 100 to 98 by PHI two days before. So this was a good chance for me to watch a competitive game since NYK badly wanted to avenge their loss. (more…)

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Bad weather photography: Snow – Cold Weather

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

The limbs that binds us by Michael Mariano

The limbs that binds us - Urban snow scene, Flushing NY

When bad weather occurs, photography can be a chore all the more so if it involves cold temperatures and snow.  The elements can be pretty harsh to humans but more importantly to your sensitive photography equipment. For one there is moisture which affects your camera lens. If you plan to go out make sure some lens cloth/wipes are at hand to remove the mist that usually builds up on your lens. Having ample emergency camera protection like a plastic zip-loc bag should come in handy to shield your camera from moisture and snow. Cold temperatures decrease the performance of batteries. Have a spare battery and place it close to your body to keep it warm until you need to use it. Better yet, if you don’t want to go out and  have a good view of the outside world from your place, use the windows to your advantage like i did. Put up the screen or open the window. If you can’t, try to move your camera as close to the window as possible to avoid any unnecessary reflections. With these simple tips whether you go out or stay-in, should help you out. Be on the look out for those photographic opportunities. Stay frosty and keep on shooting!

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Start the year with a bang!

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Fireworks - Start the New Year with a bang! by Michael Mariano

Fireworks display show - SM MOA, Philippines

Every year we always have the chance to start anew – a fresh year to work with. People look forward to the new stuff that they have acquired during the past holidays, others to new experiences that might await them at the start of the year. I on the other hand tend to reflect on the year past and what have i done photographically and as an artist. This photo shot a year back is one of the few decent fireworks shots that i have captured. I was working on a food menu shoot when a sudden burst of fireworks came out of the restaurant where i was shooting. Good thing we were on break that time and that gave my the chance to go out set my tripod quickly to capture this frame. The past year has been good and bad at the same time. It has been a challenging time on most levels and looking at this photo makes me look forward again to better opportunities and to continue the good practices. Starting a short and attainable list should help especially if you have a lot on your mind. (more…)

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