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Longing for warmer days

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Tag along | Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY | by Michael Mariano

Tag along | Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

Cold, chilly and harsh winters are a fact of life in the Northernmost part of the US. If you live in these areas and you try to look out your window, chances are you won’t see a scene like this anytime soon. For people who can afford, they go to warmer places like Florida or the Caribbean islands, these people are informally called “Snowbirds” enjoying what they can from these southern places.  But for the rest who are unfortunate enough, winter is still there slapping on their skin like cold hard whips. Groundhog day offers no respite as this year it seems that the Artic winds are bringing in more chilly weather and snow forecasts. This photo was taken at Coney island, Brooklyn during the annual mermaid parade celebration. For those who can’t afford to travel, may this photo offer a respite from the cold and bring you (at least in dreams,) warm memories. (more…)

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